About Floating Candle

A floating candle is a candle that is mainly designed to float while it burns hence allowing people to place the candles in bowls of water and any other liquids. 

· Several companies manufacture floating candles of different styles ranging ornate candles to white egg-shaped candles. 

· A floating candle sits low in the water as it burns and does not become waterlogged or tip over. The candle only goes off when the flame has burned the entire wick just like the ordinary candle does burn.

· The designs of floating candle are made in such a way that it ensure that the candle burns without tipping or sagging on one side. These candles are made from ecologically friendly materials which emit minimal pollutant to the surrounding environment.

Where floating candles are commonly found?

· One of the classic use of floating candle is a table centerpiece.

· A centerpiece takes a form of a large bowl or dish that is filled with water and floating candles and some accents such as small flowers. Such centerpieces are quite lovely and thrilling to most people with the light from the candle reflecting off the water and sides of the bowl.

· Floating candles are also used in swimming pools, fountain, hot tub or bathtubs. Care should be taken into consideration especially in situations in which people share water with the candle to avoid burns.

· In homes which have large ponds and pools, floating candles can transform a garden or even a lounge into a wonderland especially at night, and this area can be beautiful for parties and events.

· Some manufacturers make floating candles with candle holders; these candle holders can hold any candle. 


Making homemade floating candle

· One requires molds, candle wicks, wax. Dye, fragrance oil, wick bar, glass bowl, thermometer, double boiler and other decorative pieces.

· Melt the wax on a boiler while observing the temperature. Paraffin wax should be heated up to 185F. 

· Once the wax has melted, add dye, the color of the dye depends on your preference.

· Then pour melted wax into the molds slowly and fill them to the brim and let them cool for 24hours after which it is removed from the mold.

· Once the candles are ready, prepare the bowl. This is achieved by placing some sand or colored pebbles at the bottom of the bowl for an added design.

· Add water to � of the bowls height and then place the finished candles on the water and light the up when needed.

· Do not overly crowd the surface since floating candles do move around.

· As you can see, there is no magic behind making a floating candle, all you need is the right shape of the mold, and you’ll be on your way to making your first homemade floating candle.